WHOA-X4-Solutions.jpgWHOA.com is excited to partner up with X4 Solutions to provide their agents with the Best-In-Class Secure Cloud Solutions for Business

Hollywood FL, April 17, 2014 – WHOA.com, today announced that X4 Solutions, one of the premier master agencies in the nation, servicing a nationwide network of sales partners in the telecommunications and IT Services space has joined the new WHOA.com Cloud Partner Program, which features WHOA.com Enterprise Secure Cloud Services to customers and agents. X4 Solutions now has access to WHOA.com’s extensive product portfolio, superior support system and generous commission structure enabling their partners to build a recurring revenue stream while delivering cost savings to their customers.

WHOA.com CEO, Mark Amarant, says, “We are excited about the partnership with X4 Solutions, this is a big win for both companies.  I see the leadership and strategy at X4 Solutions as being visionary and market leading, which speaks to their consistent year over year growth both in revenue and in new partners. The agents are high quality, and their track record with other carriers speaks for itself.”

“At X4 we are typically not the master that runs out does every new deal that comes along”, says X4 Solutions President, Curt Allen, “Our goal has always been to only establish partnerships with providers that we know can deliver the best program available and drive significant results through our agent base. The Cloud Services space is becoming increasingly crowded, WHOA.com stands out for a couple of key reasons. While other cloud companies are effectively telling the market what they do and why customers want their services WHOA.com has built a program that will do all that while empowering our sales partners with the training and support to execute business in this space. They have every detailed covered, allowing willing sales partners to effectively make cloud services core to their business as opposed to just another line item. Add to that the team of industry veterans Mark has assembled and you have the foundation for a hugely successful partnership. X4 will enthusiastically engage our partners in a series of regional training events with WHOA.com over the next few months and expect tremendous results.”

ABOUT WHOA.COM: WHOA.com is a leader in next-generation ISO 27001 Certified secure cloud solution. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class cloud services for business including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Cloud Storage, Disaster Recovery, Integrated Applications and Security. The WHOA.com secure network of multiple top tier data centers is strategically located across the country, which prioritizes security, efficiency, and the reliable delivery of business-critical applications. By providing the industry’s finest hardware and software coupled with unbeatable levels of high availability, connectivity, uptime and security, we represent the pinnacle of quality available in today’s cloud infrastructure market. To learn more, visit www.WHOA.com or call toll free 877-700-WHOA.

ABOUT X4 SOLUTIONS: X4 Solutions is one of the premier master agencies in the nation, servicing a nationwide network of sales partners in the telecommunications and IT Services space. 10 years ago, X4 by formed by bringing together three telecom agencies to fulfill a need for efficiencies with providers in the sales partner community. With all the changes in our industry over the past several years, our vision remains the same: to support your business and support your vision as an independent business owner. Our core offerings continue to evolve with the market place. What was once a collection of only the best of breed (50+) in traditional carrier services, has developed into a full array of 20+ cloud service providers and date center solutions form hundreds of data centers worldwide and the best traditional network providers available. All delivered with X4’s legendary service, competitive compensation and protective contracts. To learn more contact Todd Peterson at tpeterson@x4solutions.com


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